Premio Internacional de Arquitectura Matimex

The theme of the Matimex International Architecture Prize, now in its fifth edition, is “Residential Architecture: Spaces for Coexistence”.

Housing is not only a fundamental human right, it also reflects the society of a country, a city, a neighborhood and even of each individual. Demographic, cultural, economic and environmental diversity echoes in the typologies of housing; the aggregation of dwellings generates the image of the city while each user constructs the personality of his or her own intimate space from the minimum private scale to the global public scale.

We aim at projecting a space or recovering an existing one, whose design is included within one or several of the typologies indicated below, or whose idea revolves around the main theme of the competition "Residential Architecture. Spaces for Coexistence".

The following list is provided as an example of some ideas on some of the typologies framed within this competition motto:

  • Urban studies of residential areas.
  • Aggregations of pluri or single-family dwellings.
  • Private residential buildings of any kind.
  • Single-family dwellings of any building type.
  • Rehabilitations or habilitations of spaces for housings.
  • Residential interior design projects.

(*) Buildings or spaces related to public residential typologies are excluded from this competition. These include those intended to provide temporary accommodation managed by the business owner and different from the guests: hotels, hostels, student residences, old people's homes, pensions or apartments. Projects may be submitted online by registering and uploading the material identified in the contest rules, which may be downloaded here.

Accredited users will be able to upload the required material in anonymous form.

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